-double wood- full length core
-LPU sidewalls (LiquidPolyUrethane)
-vibration dampening system on the edges
-4×4 M6 inserts
-quadraxial fibreglass
-UD reinforcements
-sintered high performance base
-high quality steel edges

AK47 The board is a product of a-year-long cooperation with Aljoša Krivec, a World Cup racer and member of the Slovenian Snowboard Team. The freestyle-park board is originally intended for slopestyle and big air, but also works well in half-pipe.

The board has a flat to camber profile, giving it good edge control when doing demanding stunts.

It is softer at the nose and tail, thus allowing better manoeuvring on gliding obstacles (especially when doing press tricks).

The centre of the snowboard in additionally reinforced, making the board very stable and controllable at high speed and under large loads on big airs and at landing. AK47 shoots no bullets, but tricks.


If it’s not in stock, it will be delivered in 7 – 10 days.